Solar PV pumping:

  1. Run directly from the sun (non-batteries)
  2. Lack of operating and investment
  3. can be operated in remote places without electricity
  4. Contains an industrial inverted system to extend the life of the pump
  5. supplied with all necessary protections No water - high current - low voltage

ALL Renewable Energy Solutions

Storage System Power:

* Uninterruptible

* Storage batteries

Storage System Power:

* Solar panels

* Unforgettable

system and fuel saving:

* Solar panels

* Inverter save fuel

Wind power generation system:

* Air turbine

* Inverter air turbine

Solar Street Light:

  1. High Efficiency led(160Lm/w Bridgelux)
  2. Lithium Battery >2000 Time cycle,5Years life
  3. MONO Selicon Panal 18%
  4. IR Sensor & Remote Control
  5. Light Control / Time Control
  6. Aluminum Alloy solid and firm
  7. Easy Installation and Lower Cost